Wednesday, December 16, 2009


 My favorite of all time...Notes To You

I LOVE CARTOONS!!! Not ashamed or afraid to say it. I guess that's why im so funny as people say. Comedic & crap. Its something about the subtle nuances of them that brings me back to so many memories growing up. Whether it be rainy Sundays watching loony toons, or tiny toon adventures after school before power rangers came on, cartoons are a big part of my life. Now with my music career more so! I have made a few beats using cartoons, one being the Owl Jolson Cartoon "I Love to Sing".

This is a definite tie in to my upcoming post about nostalgia, but I had to let this little known fact about me be known! I look at life as one big cartoon (an RPG often, but a cartoon more so lol). I even like the OLD OLD cartoons, where the audio doesn't even match half the time lol. Bosco, not a lot of people remember bosco or his cartoons, but i LOVED HIM!

I try my best to take everything seriously, but damn it there are so many characters in the world it makes it tough! And the greater part of my childhood was spent watching characters make fools of themselves and low and behold in real life the same occurs. Easy way to chill my spirits and calm me down is watching Batman the Animated Series and reminiscing about how I used to tape it for my father so he could watch it later that night when he got off of work. Then early Saturday mornings, while mom made breakfast, Pop & I were watching X-men trying to figure everything out. I loved that. Its part of the reason why I think I'm going to be a great father. I've no problem reverting and enjoying those things. Unlike most men who are too tough & shit to admit they watch Bugs Bunny & Spongebob and all that...pssssssssssssh, fuck outta hea! I could go on and on about this forever but I won't lol Keep in mind when you see me in the streets though, cartoons are ALWAYS an option! I really REALLY want this one dvd where they have like 500 cartoons on it and i think its like $5 or something on amazon? Yeah, when my monetary situation is straight, just like when I had my apartment, you ALREADY KNOW, 2 shelves of cartoons baby! now I will close with yet another favorite, the closing song to Cartoon Planet. This is from the days before Cartoon Network was an actual channel.

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  1. I found you looking up something that rhymes with Roscoe =D You so FuN Thank You RYAN ...cartoons have alot soul --you could hear the crickets I betcha..(= Lisi Will